Design-Build saves time and money for the owner, while providing the opportunity to achieve innovation in the delivered facility. Time and cost savings result from the ability of the Design-Build team to fast-track the project by overlapping the design and construction phases of the schedule. Because the public owner does not need to provide a full set of biddable construction documents, cost savings are also associated with design.

Even more importantly, Design-Build allows owners to avoid being placed directly between the architect/engineer and the contractor. In this conventional construction process, the owner takes on significant risk because of that position. The standards of professional due diligence on the part of the A&E industry do not provide the owner with perfect construction documents. Yet, voluminous case laws exist putting a significant burden on owners to warrant the accuracy of those imperfect documents to the contractor.

At Blue Frog, we approach the Design-Build process from the perspective that we want our clients to be lasting friends of ours long after the construction process is over, and we sincerely want our clients to succeed and thrive in their new offices. Therefore, we work the design around our clients’ budget and time frame, informing them when the design features, fixtures, or finishes are going over the budget guidelines they set for themselves so that expectations and reality don’t come crashing together.

Our expertise in medical, veterinarian, and dental office construction allows us to glean information from our clients that they may not have otherwise thought about. We can be as creative as our clients would like, or as clinical – it is completely up to them. We enjoy adding touches such as reclaimed wood ceilings, sliding barn doors, or floating ceilings, but we also like to accentuate areas with lighting, curved soffits, or custom-designed cabinets. Design-Build methodology gives the owner a construction advocate “Behind the Closed Door” working on the Owner’s behalf. As the Design-Builder, Blue Frog Construction uses its resources, experience and industry relationships to give the owner the best possible options when making important decisions. We are committed to making the Design-Build process a joy for our clients instead of the headache and stress that building or renovating an office usually entails. Blue Frog is your one point of contact during the entire design and construction process, enabling you to spend your time being profitable instead of contacting five different firms to get one change completed.

If you think you are looking for Design/Build services, please contact our office or go to our "contact" page and fill out a request.


Our comprehensive business services save our clients time and money, while our vast experience allows us to incorporate unique ideas and innovative solutions. Key savings are realized by helping to choose the right space from the beginning as well as by fast-tracking the project through efficiently overlapping the design and construction phases, and finally through applying our years of experience to overcome many common project issues.



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You may be asking: how can we help you through the construction process? We walk step by step with you through everything you need for a successful build. We use our field knowledge to set your project up well by working with a strong base of subcontractors. 

For more information on our services, check out our website

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If you are new here - Hello! Welcome to Blue Frog! We’re thrilled that you’ve visited our page.

We are a company built on the mission of honoring our clients by building their dreams with integrity, excellence, and passion! Our goal is to provide services that save you time and money. With our years of expertise, unique ideas, and innovative solutions, we help you choose the right space from the start. Our ability to overlap the design and construction phases allows us to fast-track your project and make your dreams a reality! 

Are you ready to get started? 

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