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Dallas Highway Animal Hospital

Dear Jordan,

DHAH-Logo_Transparent-BackgroundI wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and the entire Blue Frog team for the completion of my renovations. The end results turned out eve better than I had imagined. While your entire team was amazing, I would like to recognize a few key individuals specifically.

I would like to thank Jason McClure for his onsite supervision of the project. I appreciate Jason’s ability to perform the project in phases, allowing the building to remain open during the entire process. Jason was always available if I had a question. If he was not on site, Jason would respond to any calls, emails or text messages right away. As the renovations progressed, the importance of immediate access to the project superviso was paramount to the project’s success.

I would also like to thank Shawn and  Matt for all of their work during the initial phase. Early in the process, there were dozens of emails back and forth with design changes and questions. The design team was always quick to respond with solutions that inspired my confidence in their abilities.

Finally, I would like to thank you for all of your efforts. As Project Manager, I’m sure you hear your share of client complaints and concerns. You
always handled my concerns with professionalism and ensured the project was completed to my satisfaction.

Whenever I decide if I would recommend a company to another individual, I ask if I would use that company again. Although I am hopeful that this will be my last renovation, I would absolutely work with you and your company again.

Please feel free to use this letter as my recommendation to others

I wish you all the best,
Justin Toth, D.V.M.
Dallas Highway Animal Hospital

The Village Vets

Dr. Will Draper grew up in Inglewood, California. He attended Tuskegee University for both undergraduate and veterinary medical studies and received his DVM in 1991. He moved to Atlanta in 1992 and founded The Village Vets in 2000 with his wife, Dr. Françoise Tyler. “Dr. Will” is well known in the area as one of the best vets around and has received a number of accolades including being ranked as a FIVE STAR veterinarian in the Atlanta magazine—an honor bestowed to only 7% of the veterinarians in the metro Atlanta area. He was also chosen as Purina Proplan’s “Best Veterinarian in America” in 2013. The Village Vets is currently serving metro Atlanta with five locations and Blue Frog is honored to have been involved with the design, renovation and construction of several of those veterinary facilities.

18,000 SQUARE FOOT ASC Skin Care Facility
"Vince, Thanks for building us a great, quality building. Especially thanks for the follow through on all of the little details here at the end. It was a huge project to bite off, but you guys are came through. I had a vendor from Tenn come through today and say it was the nicest office he had ever been in (and that was out of thousands)."

Ross Campbell

Owner, GSCAD

PHARR ROAD ANIMAL HOSPITAL FACE-LIFT: "...the job wet off very well. Jason was one of the better superintendents I've every worked with for anything." He stayed until everything was finished and working properly. -Brian

Brian H.

Practice Manager

The office looks absolutely stunning. Great job guys! Thanks for the hard work everyone put into this project. My wife and I are really happy and look forward to doing future projects together.

Eye Care Solutions

Vishal P.

I have known Mike Rubio for nearly five years. To say Mike is a business partner in a successful medical construction company really does not do justice to his impact in the veterinary field. To say Mike’s Company has built “pretty” practices across the country would be understating his and his company’s effect. To say Mike has spoken to thousands of veterinary students and practitioners on starting or growing veterinary practices would be minimizing his accomplishments. After watching Mike teach at UGA for the past three years and observing how he works with practitioners, I honestly believe HE CHANGES THEIR LIVES! First, he exposes the realities of ownership to students and potential owners and provides a clear and reachable entrepreneurial path for them. Specifically, he provides practitioners with tools to negotiate with landlords and suppliers and helps future owners with attainable budgets. Second, his advocacy for the client experience helps owners and future owners define and differentiate their practices from other practices. In my years in the industry, most practices I visit look and operate much like practices did 20-30 years ago with little attention to the want and needs of clients. Mike and Blue Frog Construction is changing this and his teachings provide direction for better medicine, communication and management resulting in more effective, more efficient and more profitable businesses. For these reasons I will always involve Mike Rubio with my veterinary practice management courses, my practice management rotations, and many programs I set up outside the state of Georgia. Overall, I believe Mike Rubio and his company, Blue Frog Construction, are unique to the industry and Mike’s programs are definitely worth supporting – both enriching the lives of practitioners and clients.

Jeff Sanford

Almost two years after construction wrapped up...
The cabinet guys came out yesterday. They were great in re-gluing the loose laminate and checking for other loose spots. I just wanted to let you know.
Ashley Wheatley

Thanks so much Vince! I've really enjoyed working with you guys as well. Bank paperwork has been challenging, but I had fun on the construction side. I'll be sure to recommend you to any and everyone interested in construction projects! I've already put a review up on yelp and plan on doing a few more so people can know how awesome you are. Fortunately, we have had steady business in the past 2 weeks!!! I already have partners in other pet businesses who have been marketing us, and we've received some good business from them. Thanks again for everything! Hope to see you guys at the grand opening Feb 20.

Ashley T. Herbert, DVM
West End Animal Wellness Center
1195 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd
Atlanta, GA 30310


Hi Mike! I just wanted to thank you so much for your presentation to our vet school class. Hearing about your vision for a vet practice was a big motivator for a lot of us who want to own a practice eventually, and put a nice picture to our future ideas of what a practice should look like. I am glad you brought up zoning ordinances and all the regulations that we have to think about when buying a practice- I only know that stuff from being a lawyer, and practice management is the first class in vet school to bring up such an important topic. I loved your designs, and I will definitely be contacting Blue Frog when I start/buy my own practice (just gotta graduate first and all that!). Thank you again! -Jennie Clark
University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine, Curriculum Committee Member

Jennie C

1700 SQUARE FOOT DESIGN & BUILD ANIMAL HOSPITAL We had the pleasure of recently completing a project with Blue Frog Construction, a design build firm that was a tremendous help in opening our brand new animal hospital. From initial introductions and concepts, through design and construction, all the way to completion, the folksat Blue Frog were a true asset to our Team.Having done numerous veterinary facilities, dental offices, and the like, the design team knew the correct questions to ask right from the start, thus minimizing potential problems down the road. Being a former architect myself, I was quite sensitive to the circulation and layout of the space, along with having budgetary concerns and a desire to keep cleaning and future maintenance as simple as possible. Blue Frog worked closely with us to design a great looking space that is as functional as it is beautiful.Let’s be honest, there has never in the history of man been a construction project that was without issue. Our project was no different. There were odd concrete curbs buried in the existing walls, underground plumbing that was a mess, material delays, weather delays, and all of the other unforeseen conditions you see when building a quality product within an existing space. The huge difference you see with the team at Blue Frog, is that they work with you to find good resolutions to these problems. They truly want to build relationships with their Clientele, not just build a space and walk away. It was a pleasure working with Blue Frog Construction and should a reference be desired in the future, we would be happy to provide one. We look forward to working with Blue Frog again on our next project.


James D. C. Owner, Apex Animal Hospital


“First and foremost let me thank all of you for the phenomenal job that was done on my dental office in Lawrenceville. We have been here for several months now and cannot be more pleased. Your attention to detail and professionalism is unsurpassed.”
“If there are any prospective clients that are interested in seeing the high level quality work that was done, please don’t hesitate to bring them by. I can honestly say that all of you had my best interest at heart and your attention to detail was fantastic. Keeping an eye on the project costs was very much appreciated since we did not have an open ended budget. Anything that came up during the entire project was handled precisely and in a timely manner. Anyone that is considering another contractor needs to take a step aback and seriously consider BFC. I did and I’m glad I found these people.”
“Vince and Mike, you guys were great to work with. Joey, working with you was truly a pleasure. When it came time to sit down and pick out all of the finishes, I was blown away by your knowledge and the ease of getting that part done. Tommy was an “ace”! Being there day to day and making sure that things were done right was comforting, to say the least. Even the small follow up, or punch-out stuff that was needed was done quickly and totally. I can’t thank you enough. Best wishes to all of you and your families.

Barry E. M., DDS, PC

“East Cobb Pediatrics is very excited and EastCobbCheckOutleased with our new Kennesaw Office. We want to express our gratitude to Blue Frog Construction for helping us with our most recent project. What we thought would be a very complex venture was easily brought together by the entire team at Blue Frog Construction. From the start, Blue Frog Construction was very easy to work with and offered some creative ideas for our design. Shawn Rainey also demonstrated creative ideas and he was able to design a plan that we were all very happy with. The superintendent, Nate Pilcher, was instrumental in putting all of these creative ideas and requirements into production and ensuring our needs were met every step of the way. His focus and dedication to the project was very much appreciated by all. We cannot express enough, how enjoyable it was to work with everyone at Blue Frog Construction, from start to finish. As East Cobb Pediatrics continues to grow we will definitely call upon Blue Frog Construction for all of our future projects.” -Marisa Gadea, M.D. President East Cobb Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicin

10,000 SQUARE FOOT MEDICAL BUILDOUT Mercy Health Center is a non-profit with an up-side down business model – we don’t charge for our services! When Mercy had the opportunity to move from a 2500 square foot building to a 10,000 square foot building, we “jumped” at the chance with the help of Blue Frog Construction. Blue Frog Construction believed in the work that we did for the low-income uninsured residents of our community and joined us to make our new home a place of love and healing.
Mike Rubio allowed us to dream and with his team made our dream a reality. Shawn Rainey did an excellent job helping us visualize what our new space could look like and Tom Trudnak kept us on budget, on time and very happy! The Blue Frog team has a solid foundation built on integrity and honesty. Thank you Blue Frog

Tracy Thompson Executive Director Mercy Health Center

“We have been three years in the planning for additional space (non clinical) expanding the waiting room, business office, and staff lounge. We decided that a happy and comfortable dental home for our staff and patients will bring enthusiasm from our staff and aesthetic improvement of our space for our patients. We lucked out in the construction phase during the terrible Atlanta weather, and our office closing that week did not stop the firm of Blue Frog Construction from getting the job miraculously completed, without having to reschedule a single patient. We hope that this new additional space will keep everyone excited and create a positive momentum for the coming year and hopefully many more to come.”

Dr. Michael C.

WHOLE HOUSE RENOVATION “I just wanted to thank you. You guys are unbelievable and you don’t know how much I appreciate your quick response to our calls, especially what you did for us yesterday and this morning with the A/C at the other house. Camille and I are extremely appreciative, not only on how you conduct yourselves professionally, but also very much onn a personal level. We will all have many good things to enjoy with each other in the future as this relationship will only get stronger, both on a professional and personal level. I hope you have great father’s days. Mike, I hope you also had a great birthday and I look forward to meeting with you soon on other matters. With great personal gratitude,

Rodney S. W. CIO Noble Investment Group

“I was very satisfied 5 out of 5. Both Value and Quality services. I would recommend and use Blue Frog Construction for my next project. Even before we began talking about the layout of the place, Joey met me to assess what I may need in terms of heating and cooling. From there, he helped me figure out how to get everything looking and working as clean as possible — he even had the great idea of running power and internet/phone under my floor to service islands in the optical, so that I didn’t have to run cords down from the ceiling. That sort of consultation was what I was hoping to find with a builder: someone that could take a great idea and make it even better. The build out was efficient even with various hangups with the city. The job was on time and within budget. The craftsmanship was meticulous and everything has held up well over the last 2 1/2 years. I would not hesitate to use Blue Frog for any future jobs that I may have. They treated me fairly and went above and beyond my expectations.” Thank you!


1800 SQUARE FOOT SPA ”Thanks so much for coming!!! it really meant a lot to us. You played such an important role in our dream coming true and you made it painless! You give contractors a good name! My colleague and I mentioned to you came later. I’m sorry you didn’t meet. I am looking at her space later this week and I would love to set up a meeting for you. Hopefully, we will make a decision on our second location by the end of the year and we will be ready to work with you again.
The blue frog is fabulous! Nasha and I opened it at about 11pm as we were reflecting on our journey. It was a perfect ending to our day! Your wife and children are beautiful! Thanks for bringing them to meet us! You can tell a lot about a person by their fruit and you have awesome fruit!!!
We look forward to working with you on Float’s second location!

God’s Perfect Peace! -Denise J. B. Esq.”

3200 SQUARE FOOT DENTAL OFFICE ”WOW!!! what a turn around. I just stopped by the office after work and phuong said that you guys were working very hard to make things happen. needless to say, I was very impressed… I can’t wait to tell others how you all were able to make all of these changes in one day. I really appreciate all of your hard work. vince-phuong loved your wife. she couldn’t stop talking about her”

Tuan B. MD Emory University Department of Orthopedic Surgery

3500 SQUARE FOOT RESTAURANT BUILD OUT “I do want to let you know how much Andy is doing above and beyond to help. You may not know from those cushy offices 🙂 . I had planned to come late the other night to scrub down the kitchen floor in preparation for the health dept and I went by during the day to find that Andy had mopped the floor. Aft all that I’ve struggle thru, that almost made me cry! Now he is trying to help my husband get our equipment in the kitchen. He doesn’t have to do those things, but I really appreciate it!”

Bakal T

“Grant Orthodontics would like to say a very special THANK YOU! to the Blue Frog Construction Team. Joey Wenum, Mike Rubio, Tommy Trudnak and their guys did an unbelievable job completing the build out of our new office. We definitely tested their skills as they coordinated everything in less than 3 months! They are a very professional team who was on top of everything every step of the way and the office turned out simply gorgeous!”

Donna Shipman Business Administrator

2500 SQUARE FOOT DENTAL OFFICE BUILD“Blue Frog was great to work with. We were on a rather constricted time frame and it could have been challenging for both us and Blue Frog. From my point of view, they stayed on course and the office was finished on schedule…..a rarity in this business! It saved me from canceling patients and allowed a smooth transition moving equipment, furniture and electronics. Since the move, Blue Frog has been very responsive to any issues that we needed addressed, although they have been few and far between. I cannot be happier with the decision to use Blue Frog for the office.”

Marie S.

DENTAL OFFICE BUILD “Damn Vince! Thank you so much! That’s above and beyond, by far! I really appreciate what you guys bring to the table. That’s another reason I love working with you guys! -Tobie In reference to Dr. Lamothe’s specialty engraving price and turn around time to meet their installation schedule.

Tobie J

2-9-14 Dr. McFadden: ”Hope all is well… I hope you remember me. I’ts been about 5 years since you did my office and I am having some trouble with my lights… Please forward my info to someone who can help.”
2-10-14 Vince @ Blue Frog: “I remember you well. Sorry you are having trouble. I hope you still love your office. We will look into this and have someone contact you about your lights.”
2-20-14 Vince @ Blue Frog: “Dr. McFadden, Did our electrician get a hold of you?”
2-20-14 Dr. McFadden: “He did. In and out!!! Took care of the problem!! Thanks so much!!”

Gerald M

“As I have said before, you guys are a class act and should be very proud of yourselves. I look forward to working together again in the future.”

Drs. Reese

1700 SQUARE FOOT ANIMAL HOSPITAL ’I am so excited for you to see the space. It is incredible. People are walking in and shocked at how cool it is! I look forward to seeing you guys tomorrow night. Take care.”

Dr. Annie P.

“Shawn’s drawings are the best drawings I’ve seen in a long time. Very impressed. Also love having Tommy running the show!”

Everett -lead Benco Tech

“You guys are doing an outstanding job!!”

Scott O., Benco

3600 SQUARE FOOT DESIGN & BUILD ANIMAL HOSPITAL “The office looks beautiful! We couldn’t be happier! Thanks Blue Frog!

Dr. Cecil “Weedy” Johnson

“Thanks Mike, Vince, Tommy & Wes, we still love the original office you built a few years ago and can't wait to start working in the new call center area you recently added.”

Gary R

”I’ve had the pleasure to work with the leadership at Blue Frog Construction since the company was formed in 2005. Vince and Mike demonstrate a consistent dedication to excellence with all matters involving their personal and professional lives. They conduct business in an honest and transparent manner; easily building the foundation for long-term relationships built on trust, clarity, and reliability. I’ve never experienced an incident where they were less than clear about their vision, direction, or intent. I count them as valued members of my personal team, and would recommend their services and consult to anyone looking into commercial construction needs.”

Andrew T. Hill, CLU, ChFC, CASL Agent, New York Life Insurance Company

MARKETING AND GRAPHICS DESIGN PARTNER “To anyone who is willing to put an honest effort and respect – know that the “Blue Frog construction” team will give you at least twice as much in return. I’ve been lucky to come across to such grateful, well mannered, professional, open minded, efficient and kind client. This kind of partnership is a complete stress relief environment with maximum support and efficiency – true gift that deserves maximum care and respect. from anyone who decides to work with them. I have nothing less than an honest deep respect and gratitude for the overall professional and character quality given by this team. They deserve a 100% of what you have to give at all times.
With kind regards and respect,

Nina Bojovic

3500 SQUARE FOOT MEDICAL OFFICE “Hello Mr. Trudnak, We are grateful that the office was completed in time for us to move in. We received a copy of the Certificate of Occupancy. The office looks great. Thanks for working on the punch list. Very much appreciated. Now, we need to get to work and start seeing patients.”

Alfred Ifarinde

RESIDENTIAL RENOVATION “You guys have done a great job. Very pleased. Can’t wait to get the last bit wrapped up and have a normal house again. I’ve already had friends telling me they’ll want my contractor’s number when they are ready to get work done. We’ll be ready to tackle the upstairs next year."

Karen S

“As the project winds down to completion I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how I personally feel about the whole experience. Your company, Blue Frog, came highly recommended to Dr. Waters. We’ve not regretted one second of the decision he made going with you guys. Everyone has been wonderful to work with! Joey, Vince, Shawn, Tommy, Nate….EVERYONE!” Thanks for our beautiful office!!!

Paula S, Practice Manager

” I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the help and hard work during this fiasco of getting open. I am really impressed with the work and the quality put in over there and all the efforts you guys have done to adjust things, find alternative cost saving solutions and give us the professional look but reduce expenses since I am already over my costs on all fronts. I know that in the future we will be able to get better at this process as a team and when I can get X3 locations ready to start opening at a fast rate you will be my guys and partners. So thanks and looking forward to an even better future for all of us.”

Mike Lettrel President/CEO

“Blue Frog made the experience of my first practice build-out easier than I thought possible. They were easy to communicate with, professional and timely. I received a well finished project but most importantly they were available and responsive to issues after my practice was up and running. An excellent overall experience.

Dr. Rhonda H.

“The team at Blue Frog did a fabulous job on my new office. It has been 2 years now and I still love opening the door every day. They were great to work with and understood my needs and desires for my office.

Bob I

“Blue Frog Construction LLC has a BuildZoom score of 99 and is rated in the top 20% of 84,062 contractors in Georgia.

“You guys have “Exceeded Our Expectations”. It was a delightful experience working with you and your team.

Debbie S
The Stone Sisters

BATHROOM, OFFICE & PILLAR RENOVATION “Fantastic work! You guys are a lot of fun to work with. Mike is a jokester!!! Carpet looks great. I’m so excited!! Thanks.”

Katy J

2-9-14 Dr. McFadden: ”Hope all is well… I hope you remember me. I’ts been about 5 years since you did my office and I am having some trouble with my lights… Please forward my info to someone who can help.”
2-10-14 Vince @ Blue Frog: “I remember you well. Sorry you are having trouble. I hope you still love your office. We will look into this and have someone contact you about your lights.”
2-20-14 Vince @ Blue Frog: “Dr. McFadden, Did our electrician get a hold of you?”
2-20-14 Dr. McFadden: “He did. In and out!!! Took care of the problem!! Thanks so much!!”

Gerald M

1500 SQUARE FOOT MEDICAL OFFICE After being left high and dry by a contractor that took Dr. Berner’s money and went out of business, Dr. Berner had pleasure to work with Blue Frog Construction. Blue Frog completed the unfinished work and found ways to save money. Blue Frog was first class all the way, manning the job, showing up when they said they would and completing the job when they said they would. ”We will definitely go to Blue Frog when we expand.”

Noni H. Office Manager

I am writing to express my satisfaction with Blue Frog Construction during the recent rebuild/build out of my veterinary practice.

Blue Frog and its subcontractors completed the project in less than 5 months, (from planning to completion) and the clinic was opened on time and within the budget we set for the project.

The level of cooperation with my staff and I was exceptional. A high quality of work was maintained and at all times. I had my Blue Frog Project Manager and staff to call to answer my questions, or go and get the answers for me.

All of our experiences throughout the process were very positive,

Alida Baroco, DVM


Our comprehensive business services save our clients time and money, while our vast experience allows us to incorporate unique ideas and innovative solutions. Key savings are realized by helping to choose the right space from the beginning as well as by fast-tracking the project through efficiently overlapping the design and construction phases, and finally through applying our years of experience to overcome many common project issues.




Sign-ups for our Boston DRIVE event are NOW OPEN!

DRIVE is an event designed to help veterinary practice owners and future owners know how to build a successful practice. Hosted by Blue Frog and other industry partners, this event provides key connections and information to get the process started on your next steps with your practice!

See the details below for everything you need to know. Click the link in the bio to sign up. Space is limited to 20 attendees per event to allow one-on-one conversations with industry experts and build real connections and relationships.

Date: August 22-23
Where: The Langham Hotel

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Have you ever seen such a beautifully designed pharmacy? From the wood beams to the lofted ceiling, we can’t get over how stunning this space turned out!

#bluefrog #vet #designbuild #details #practiceowner #dream #construction #interiordesign #inspired #vetdesign #dreamdesignbuild
Although it may appear to be just a simple exam room at first glance, know that every decision regarding its layout and design has been meticulously considered to ensure that it is not only functional and cost-efficient but also aesthetically pleasing.

#bluefrog #vet #designbuild #details #practiceowner #dream #construction #interiordesign #inspired #vetdesign #dreamdesignbuild


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